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Erdogan’s Mistake: Russia May Now Initiate Own ‘No-Fly Zone’ Over Syria / Sputnik International

I am introducing another side to this situation as reported by our media outlets. If we are strictly loyal to our governments statements as we have been made aware, fine. However if we wish to know what really happened, and … Continue reading

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Ukraine; Still the atrocities are being commited!

The following report by Eric Zuesse, Global Research, 31 October 2014 is included in full. Its details are heartbreaking.  The US investment via the CIA of $5bn in Ukraine over the past year is paying off for the US.  It … Continue reading

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Christopher Black, lawyer on Rwanda and the Criminalisation of International Justice: Anatomy of War Crimes Trials

If you don’t understand the International Justice System you need to read this.  An article from Global Research written by lawyer Christopher Black who defended General Augustin Ndidiliyimana in very disturbing and frustrating circumstances.  This article highlights the corruption within the International Criminal … Continue reading

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