Erdogan’s Mistake: Russia May Now Initiate Own ‘No-Fly Zone’ Over Syria / Sputnik International

I am introducing another side to this situation as reported by our media outlets.

If we are strictly loyal to our governments statements as we have been made aware, fine. However if we wish to know what really happened, and if this is important to us as a nation, as a people, then maybe we owe it to ourselves to dig deeper.

Jim Dean’s thoughts do provide a depth of understanding and will surely raise questions as to why we are being led to believe that the west had been doing ‘good’ in its endeavors to fight the scourge that we know is ISIS.  Jim is one of many independent journalists writing worldwide on issues which have an impact on our daily lives.

Have no doubt that what is happening could very possibly lead to WW3.  If we allow it.  That war will only benefit the bankers, the trade of war provisions, the oil industry, the Zionists amongst others.

I will introduce in links in a later text the claim that the president of Turkeys  son, a banker and entrepreneur is selling oil taken from the Syrian oil fields under ISIL/L control and making a fortune on the black market.  And further, links to the US Coalition to not addressing effectively this problem.  Russia seem to have closed the door of opportunity on the poor boy.

Turkey had also admitted maintaining a hospital for the ISIL ‘warriors’ injured by the Coalition efforts.  So whose side are we on?

I feel that this war is avoidable if we would only learn more of the mechanisms that deploy it.  War is a business;  a dirty business which costs us our next generation of youth.

The thought of War is also exciting to many.  This flame of excitement is extinguished by the first drop of blood of those who participate at the front.  We as a nation will suffer for two generations after, in the repair of those who participated.  Some of those who served will reflect on just how they were duped by the 1% of the world population who control the money, industry and us.

I hope you find something in this article to make you want to devote more time to questioning the half truths of what we are being fed by our media.  We all need to wake up.

(You will find a little more of Jim Dean here:http://www.veteranstoday. com)

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