Christopher Black, lawyer on Rwanda and the Criminalisation of International Justice: Anatomy of War Crimes Trials

If you don’t understand the International Justice System you need to read this.  An article from Global Research written by lawyer Christopher Black who defended General Augustin Ndidiliyimana in very disturbing and frustrating circumstances.  This article highlights the corruption within the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda orchestrated by the US Administration, NATO, UN and other bureaus.  The corruption evident in this article doesn’t start or stop here; it’s just one part of a seemingly systematic, corrupt court.

Below is an early paragraph in the article which sets the stage for this amazing and disappointing story.  Just who can we trust?

“In 2003, a Scottish lawyer, Andrew McCarten, representing another accused at the ICTR, came to see me in Toronto stating he knew all about how the US and CIA controlled the tribunal at every level and that he feared for his life. He was very agitated. He had just arrived from New York where had tried to meet with Bill Clinton, and had been thrown out of his office. He told me details of the US military and CIA penetration of the tribunal and said he was going to send me documents of even darker things. The tribunal accused him of financial irregularities and kicked him out. Two weeks late he was dead. The police could find no cause for his car going off a cliff in Scotland. He was Scotland’s foremost military lawyer.”

Acknowledgement and thanks to Christopher Black of Global Research.

You can read more of his articles here:

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