Where are the chooks: why, pilgrim, is that them in the barn roosting?

An interesting article appeared in ‘Project Censored’ early October on the dumping in California, of over 11 billion litres of wastewater from fracking into central California aquifers. The documents obtained by the Centre for Biological Diversity stating this. This occurred through at least nine injection disposal wells.

I mention it here as being a great example of how we as citizens may be duped by our elected representatives, no matter how glib of tongue they may be to convince us otherwise. This certainly in light of the events that Californians find themselves immersed in without any quick fix for the problem.

The aquifers where this waste was dumped supplied water for human consumption and the documents revealed that the water supply situated close to the wastewater injection sites “were tested and found to have high levels of arsenic, thallium, and nitrates, all toxic chemicals linked to the oil industry’s contaminated waste.”

How did this situation arise in California which as a State prides itself on being the most strict state for regulations regarding contamination affecting we humans? It seems that lobbyists for the oil companies have done their job well. There the oil companies there have spent $63 million for lobbyists to persuade the Californian senators to vote against any changes that may impinge on the oil companies bottom line.

In May 2014 California state senators rejected a state moratorium bill to reject fracking. The senators who voted to reject the bill received 14 times more money in campaign contributions from the oil industry than those who voted against it. So, do we really believe that the lobby groups who lobby for directing policy here in Australia are not doing the same for the corporations who demand their own way? The ‘John Howards’ who have left public office to engage as lobbyists for big money do a lot of damage to the democratic ideals of this country. But as our ‘mentor country’ America has no problems with this then it must be good. The apathy of the voter is counted on to allow the voter to be dominated by whoever wants to don the capitalists hat. Apathy is catching, but who cares.

In the same article the following was highlighted:
“In June 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its study of the impacts of fracking on drinking water supplies. Although the EPA’s assessment identified “important vulnerabilities to drinking water resources,” it concluded that “hydraulic fracturing activities have not led to widespread, systemic impacts to drinking water resources.” In response, Food & Water Watch issued a press release by Executive Director Wenonah Hunter, who wrote: “Sadly, the EPA study released today falls far short of the level of scrutiny and government oversight needed to protect the health and safety of the millions of American people affected by drilling and fracking for oil and gas.” Noting that the oil and gas industry refused to cooperate with the EPA on a single “prospective case study” of fracking’s impacts, Hunter concluded, “This reveals the undue influence the industry has over the government and shows that the industry is afraid to allow careful monitoring of their operations.” (emphasis mine)

This report was released only months before the events leading up to the State of Emergency in California over the very same people! Only the fallout will be much worse than any one can visualise.

This recent state of emergency in California brings into sharp focus just who it is that runs the country and just what is important to them. So each of us who lives here, in Australia, need to determine just what is important to us. Can we depend on big government to keep us ‘safe’?

I’ve mentioned ‘tar and feathers’ for these villains previously and I come back to that now as a solution, if only to give some primal satisfaction.  After all is not ‘tar’ a product of the oil company; the feathers could symbolise the primary producer? It’s a marriage made in heaven for those who willingly sell us down the fracking track!

Please do read the whole article via the link below. It will blow your fracking mind. I rest my case.


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