The Chief of Navy’s Islamic solidarity

“You will, no doubt, be extremely pleased to know that the Chief of the Royal Australian Navy, Vice Admiral Tim Barrett AO CSC, recently fasted in solidarity with Australian Catholics for Ash Wednesday.”

I came across this paragraph of a speech given by the new Queensland candidate of the Australian Liberty Alliance, Bernard Gaynor. It is an interesting paragraph in that the event did not happen.  Instead, the Chief of Navy demonstrates solidarity with Islam, as can be noted by his recent speech in the Australian War Memorial to Islamic leaders in Australia.  Is there anything wrong with this?  I think it depends on the perspective from which the question is posed.  Is it the collective wish of the nation in determining the future of our Australian dream for our children’s children hinge upon our military leaders demonstrations for identifying with a religion?  

“This is how Vice Admiral Barrett describes his participation in Islam:

I am delighted to be able to host this Inaugural Navy coordinated Iftar. I have fasted today in solidarity with you all, to properly immerse myself in the experience and purpose of Ramadan and to gain an appreciation of the challenges and rewards Muslims experience during this important month in the Islamic calendar.”

I ask at this point what challenges and rewards is he referring to?  Does he think that this is all to the Islamic Faith; observing Iftar?  Has he seriously studied what is available to him and how he must go about his daily routine to become Muslim?  Or is he cherry picking the ‘feel good’ points to become ingratiated with the Imams? Does he realise what demands can be made on him as an adherent to the faith? Will that jeopardise his position of leading a fighting force of the nation?  Have we not sent our RAAF to fight the Islamic State somewhere?  Could this attitude of  “immersing myself” be an explanation of why we don’t seem to be getting anywhere in this struggle?

Vice Admiral Barrett then went on to state:

“Muslim-Australians and the knowledge and the values they bring to the workforce are a key and essential component of a successful Team Navy.”

Does he think that having Islam aboard will benefit him when the foe happens to be Islam at a future point in time?  Tom Clancy would have had a field day with this type of character!

The question might be now ‘Do we have a clear vision of what we need our country to become.  

For far too long we have been subjected to a political process which seems determined to force upon all in this country the vision of those in power which is forged by their election prospects, to maintain power, not to be confused with what may be good for our nation.   That is not a new revelation.

I can count amongst my friends those who embrace the Muslim faith, as others friends do with Christianity.  As friends religion has not made any difference to the strength of our friendship.  But is our country so far down the slide in not defending our own vision of being able to proudly stand within the international community on our terms?  I am carefully trying to pick my way through the minefield of our multicultural intent.  One word out of place will bring a tirade of accusation of ‘racist’, or of having a ‘phobia’ of some sort or another, which has been determined by a minority to be counterproductive to (their) progress.  Rarely is there intelligent debate.

For interest you may find the whole of the speech by Bernard Gaynor reproduced in the website below.  It is thought provoking:

I highlight this now to ask is this the way forward for our country?  Do we as Australians wish to sanitise our past and substitute a religion of dominance as our future?

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