Burning Aid: An Interventionist Deception on Colombia-Venezuela Bridge?

Sen. Marco Rubio and coup leaders claim the Venezuelan National Guard burned US aid trucks on the bridge in Colombia. But all available evidence points in the opposite direction.

Source: Burning Aid: An Interventionist Deception on Colombia-Venezuela Bridge?

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People Who Care About Democracy Don’t Plot Coups Abroad

It’s interesting to hear that the US Senate has, in the last day or so just cleared the Russians of any wrongdoing in meddling with the Trump presidential elections. The intelligent world knew this two years ago, but due process of the Senate inquiry needs to have homage paid to it.

What is happening in Venezuela if not the US interfering with the presidency in that country?  America wants that country’s resources. That’s all. Sorry, no, that’s not all. It needs the country in debt to the US multi nationals. John Perkins book ‘The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man’ gives the blueprint. Australia know that game. We have been a past target only we didn’t fight for our sovereignty as Venezuela might, and ours was done with a little more stealth.

Was the $5bn spent by the CIA in Ukraine just prior to the last coup money well spent? Seems it was as it’s puppet President is also now a US lackey.  So it is to be planned that Venezuela will follow suit.

Interesting that the US Secretary of State has planned a visit to Australia  in the no so distant future, while the US President visits his good mate Kim in North Korea ostensibly to discussed subjects of mutual interest. (Trump Towers in Pyongyang is my guess, possibly to confirm the footings pour in 2022!)

But Bolton in Australia??!! Australians beware.  No, only kidding. He is only checking on the US investments here: the political parties.

However, I digress. Back to Venezuela. A little something that was written earlier that needs some air.   It was reported the days ago that a small cache of weapons, and other incidentals needed to forment trouble were found on a commercial flight at Caracas; ammunition for the weapons was somehow mixed up with the ‘humanitarian aid’ which had already been denied entry.  I wonder what that could mean? The following is interesting.   Read on.

“Do we think people who armed death squads and started wars really want to “bring democracy” to Venezuela?

Source: People Who Care About Democracy Don’t Plot Coups Abroad

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Video Updates From Syria, Where Peace Reigns Nearly Fully Again

With all that has gone before with the main stream press pushing the narrative that the West will ‘save the Syrian people’ it is heartrending and indeed true justice that the Syrian Army and it’s allies have brought relative peace back to the country. Time for the Americans, Australians etc to pick up their wickets and go home. There is no honour for them as international law was against them. To the likes of the thugs Bolton, Net in Yahoo and Morrison it would be justice to see them dragged before the beak in The Hague to help the international police with their enquiries!

In Gaza


New Year’s Eve 2018 in Syria

Throughout the evening, I walked around Damascus neighbourhoods,  watching Syrians celebrate and talking with people, some of which I  caught on camera.

This is a compilation of scenes from New Year’s Eve in Syria, where the  pulse of life was stronger than I’ve ever seen over the years.

May 2019 bring full peace back to this beautiful country and its  wonderful people.

Damascus Late 2018 Festive Atmosphere Without Terrorists’ Bombings

Some clips from al-Qassaa, Damascus, and Dweila, just before New Year’s Eve. Notice at the end, the photos of martyrs who died defending Syria. The martyrs are always present, around Syria. May their souls rest in peace and their loved ones be consoled by their heroism.

Mortars Which Terrorized Damascus Residents Fall No More

Reflecting on the terrorism Syrians faced for years, until the liberation of eastern Ghouta earlier this year, and how…

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Toxic Beef: Sacred Cows & Left Gatekeepers

This is the clearest statements that I have read yet to support what I have come to believe to be truth. There is much more to this yet of we care to delve further. Better than any Clancy novel by far. I’m waiting for the Zionist connection to surface

Political Film Blog

toxic-beef copy2A Series by Joe Giambrone

Some may be following my ongoing challenge to Professor Noam Chomsky and his clearly misleading spin regarding the September 11th controversy. Or perhaps not, since none of the outlets which publish his every utterance, like clockwork, will dare publish criticism of the deified thought leader. No rebuttals may appear. My previous pieces established how Chomsky transforms matters of vital public interest, crimes, facts, glaring cover-ups of Congressional reports, into matters of his own personal opinion, which he dismisses and disregards to set an example for others.

My challenge is as much with the deception from Left so-called “alternative” media as it is with Chomsky personally. The…

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Male Pain Is Male Power

As a male, I would like to share this.

I feel it is that important I share this in the hope it may comfort the millions of women who struggle with life and not really sure why life is so difficult for them.

I hope I have helped them in some way. And I don’t even consider myself sensitive.


The Cost of Male Comfort Is Female Pain by Sady Doyle https://link.medium.com/4abAskIkNR

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Cry ‘wolf’with anti Semitic claims

Any form of criticism of the occupation of Palestine is met with an accusation of anti Semitic behaviour irrespective of whether the truth has been spoken.  The ban mandated on any truth spoken regarding Israel has indeed passed into law in some American States where the AIPAC lobby has the greatest influence.

Free speech has been hobbled in the case of the two New Zealand people who asked Lorde to consider not to participate in a cultural tour of Israel.  Israel successfully prosecuted these two young women.  This is repugnant.  The sort of criticism will not be tolerated in any civilised country.

The following encapsulates the truths:



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Yemen Girl Who Turned World’s Eyes to Famine Is Dead

Saudi airstrikes had forced Amal’s family to flee their home in the mountains

Source: Yemen Girl Who Turned World’s Eyes to Famine Is Dead

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A universal flu vaccine: the mad science solution

via A universal flu vaccine: the mad science solution

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What Did Syrians Do to Deserve the Hatred of the Whole World

Source: What Did Syrians Do to Deserve the Hatred of the Whole World

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Spy Crisis Launched AIPAC’s Think Tank

Many who have now seen creepy event video clips featuring Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) Research Director Patrick Clawson listing – Grant Smith for Antiwar.com Original

Source: Spy Crisis Launched AIPAC’s Think Tank

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