Video Updates From Syria, Where Peace Reigns Nearly Fully Again

With all that has gone before with the main stream press pushing the narrative that the West will ‘save the Syrian people’ it is heartrending and indeed true justice that the Syrian Army and it’s allies have brought relative peace back to the country. Time for the Americans, Australians etc to pick up their wickets and go home. There is no honour for them as international law was against them. To the likes of the thugs Bolton, Net in Yahoo and Morrison it would be justice to see them dragged before the beak in The Hague to help the international police with their enquiries!

In Gaza


New Year’s Eve 2018 in Syria

Throughout the evening, I walked around Damascus neighbourhoods,  watching Syrians celebrate and talking with people, some of which I  caught on camera.

This is a compilation of scenes from New Year’s Eve in Syria, where the  pulse of life was stronger than I’ve ever seen over the years.

May 2019 bring full peace back to this beautiful country and its  wonderful people.

Damascus Late 2018 Festive Atmosphere Without Terrorists’ Bombings

Some clips from al-Qassaa, Damascus, and Dweila, just before New Year’s Eve. Notice at the end, the photos of martyrs who died defending Syria. The martyrs are always present, around Syria. May their souls rest in peace and their loved ones be consoled by their heroism.

Mortars Which Terrorized Damascus Residents Fall No More

Reflecting on the terrorism Syrians faced for years, until the liberation of eastern Ghouta earlier this year, and how…

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