I’m in one of those moods today. You know the one. The type of mood that has passivity created a void in my understanding how we reason as people to determine the path to take with our lives.

On my journey towards arcadia I seem to be perpetually lost in the precincts of the big city mentality where nothing outside the intellectual offerings of those who govern us are allowed to be contemplated. I feel under an oppressive control of subjects able to be even mentioned in company of otherwise intelligent people. (flinch!) We as a people are at that point.

How did this all happen? Possibly through the information channels of those we trust as knowing the truth and their beliefs enabled through acceptance of sometimes dodgy research and sometime through ignorant well meaning interpretation of good research and foisted upon an unsuspecting and profane listener.

In many cases the belief system so strongly accepts this as a powerful mandate made generally by an elite, expressed by a vocal minority through lobbyists and blindly enforced through legislation. Previous prime minister Abbot enacted just that type of legislation, mandatory vaccination before he departed office.

Jon Rappaport, the author of the following article may give an insight to those who are still susceptible to rational argument.

I’m in one of those moods today. You know the one………..


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