Is it worth taking the shot?

This should be a question that we should all ask ourselves. Here in Australia we are well into the ‘flu’ season and many otherwise intelligent people line up to be inoculated from the ravages of the ‘flu. Do we ever stop and think whether vaccinations are worth the risk? And I mean any vaccination.

In the following article Dr Brogan, who is not short on academic credentials, states clearly what many in the medical profession will not utter. Read it and think how you may have also been manipulated.

A Shot Never Worth Taking: The Flu Vaccine ~ by Kelly Brogan, MD –

Vaccination relevance and its stated safety for those who succumb is not the only medical fraud that has been perpetrated on the masses. There are many examples whereby the authorities within the medical profession have put the value of the dollar above the value of the health of the very people who trust them to help them back to health. But let us not confuse the issue. It has been said that the medical profession, by and large, are only there to treat the symptom. This is done by prescribing drugs. Simple.

Another article by Dr Brogan on the routine habit of vaccinating premature babies and the attendant harm can be read here

I offer these vaccination links so that it may help you to determine what is really happening to us, as people who place their trust in those we thought were, in turn entrusted to, above all else, “do no harm”!

You may someday wish that you helped stop our ‘well informed’ Prime Minister from imposing his ill informed mandate on compulsory vaccination for all Australian children. Interestingly he refused to have his teenage daughters vaccinated not too long ago.  Now he is stampeding us all trough fear imposed by the pharmaceutical companies.  Do your own research; don’t allow your intelligence to be trumped by emotion stirred up by the uninformed masses.

Later I will share more on the general denial of the medical profession to share knowledge on successful treatment of some viral diseases.  Many of these diseases are still classified as incurable and the cures are hidden from us under the guise of ‘protecting’ us.  If the behaviour wasn’t sanctioned by government it would be illegal.

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