Hidden History – The Secret Origins of the First World War.

“It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled”, so wrote Mark Twain over a century ago. To illustrate this point,  included here is a review of a book, ‘Hidden History – The Secret Origins of the First World War’.

Some will gain benefit and may see merit in withdrawing and questioning their belief system.  Then as the dawn of enlightenment approaches, our establishment should be called to order when it commits our young able bodied men and women to conflicts which turns out to be for nothing else but the greed and power of the corrupt secret elite as they continue to propagate war with whoever turns up.  Our present day war within Iraq has to be the best example of a pattern employed and so clearly outlined in this book.

History was so well taught that even some intelligent readers may not be convinced that they have been fooled by the education handed down dutifully by history teachers.

John O’Dowd pulls no punches in his appraisal of this book and I hope, fervently hope that those who read this might reflect on what Mark Twain said all those years ago and begin to question our Government on the motives that they have for perpetuating war.

Please, read on………………..

Hidden History

Reviewed by John O’Dowd – Amazon review.
“An Essential Counterbalance to a Century of Establishment Propaganda Posing as History
“This book is a triumph. It examines the anatomy of the ruling class at a particular and crucial historical turning point, dissects and reveals its structure, identifies its membership, agents, dupes and placemen, and displays its putrid innards for all to see.

“Although this book is about the first world war, and the tricks of its procurement, its importance and salience are current – for the same interests persist, and their methods – deceit, the formation and operation of occult networks, their embodiment in the Establishment, the subornment of states , law, parliaments and the flimsy veneer of pretend liberal `democracies’, and the co-option and penetration of key elements of civic society, especially the civil service, academia and the media, as well as the military, to serve their personal ends – remain the crucial means by which money power dominates the globe today.

“As I write, an attempt has just been made by the Establishment to bounce us into attacking Syria on its behalf, without even the fig-leaf of a `dodgy dossier’. On this occasion it has apparently miscalculated, and the UK Parliament, much to its evident amazement, has thwarted its intentions – for now. Be sure they’ll be back. This book will tell you why – and how.

“This evil clique have always owned governments, elected or not – and their armed forces – and they have always emplaced dictatorships – at home and abroad. They own banking and finance, because they ARE banking and finance. Their stock is secrecy, subterfuge, bribery, propaganda, threats, ruthlessness and violence. And this persistence is more than symbolic – their names, genes and continuing interests have penetrated both time and global societies, such that the direct descendents of those who unleashed the savagery of World War I, to serve their insatiable lust for power and wealth, perpetuate and extend these lusts and their means of satisfaction down to the present day, and across the globe – with continuous wars and ever-present human misery. Perpetual war is its hallmark, its order, its ultimate means of enrichment and its perennial principle instrument.

“War is abhorred by most human beings, so the apparatus described above is used to `persuade’ ordinary people to give up their sons, brothers, husbands to `King and Country’ against a fiendish enemy that has to be manufactured and demonised -in this case Germany – ‘the Huns’, but subsequently the Commies, or Saddam or Islam – take your pick – any fiend will do. In contrast, for the money elite, war and the threat of war, are its stock in trade. War and preparation for war are hugely profitable in themselves (and are now just about the only industries left in the US and UK), but they are also the means, or behind the means, by which economic and political hegemony is maintained.

‘Trade’, and more importantly its Financial counterpart, are its front and `legitimate’ businesses, but to ensure that it is carried out on their terms, war is the overt or covert enforcer. The latter is described, quaintly, as `statecraft’. Behaviours that in private individual life would be described as immoral, unethical, psychopathic and criminal, are excused, or celebrated in businessmen and statesmen alike, and ordinary men and women are made monsters and victims in their service.

“As New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman so succinctly and revealingly put it: “The hidden hand of the market will never work without a hidden fist. McDonald’s cannot flourish without McDonnell Douglas, the designer of the F-15. And the hidden fist that keeps the world safe for Silicon Valley’s technologies to flourish is called the US Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.”

“In other words, to make market capitalism work, you have to murder people.
At the point in history described in this book, empires were territorial, and in this particular embodiment, the elite were espousing the rule of the English-speaking white man. Since then things have moved on: Empires are still based on plunder and slavery, but its means are more commercial, financial and based on one-sided so-called `free- trade’ -all backed up by the open or implicit threat of war, rather than territorial occupation. Drones and cruise missiles, rather than boots on the ground – although these will march if required.

“The beneficiaries remain the same: the international ruling class. Behind formal `democratic’ structures, there still stands, in the UK for example, a bureaucracy closely connected to the ruling class through the individuals going through the same private schools, exclusive universities workplaces and public institutions. They have imbibed the same culture and the same bonds of loyalty to the nation and state. They have their hands on the levers of power. This has not changed. This book exposes how it – `the secret elite’ worked in the lead up to the first world war, and in doing so reveals its unchanging aims and methodologies.

“This has been described as a `one-sided’ book – but it is not an unbalanced one. It provides a necessary correction and counterbalance to nearly a century of establishment-biased propaganda posing as history, written largely by Establishment ‘court’ historians and apologists for the money elite -none of whose explanations ever made much sense. An assassination in Sarajevo? the invasion of ‘neutral’ Belgium (a country steeped in African blood)? How do these lead to world war? This book will tell you.

“In its 361 pages, and massive, fully cited bibliography, it describes in detail how the money elites – at that time largely Anglo-American (but in fact, as today, standing above any state) plotted, connived, bribed, murdered and lied their way to procure an imperial war that served their greater ends. The bias of this book is to the truth that the elite did their best to hide. Its authors, a doctor and a leading teacher have used their considerable diagnostic, forensic and pedagogical skills to analyse a disease and present their findings with remarkable facility and verve – fully documented, convincingly argued, and wholly credible. It is a work of substantial scholarship, written in a highly accessible form and utterly, totally persuasive.

“None of this is taught in our universities, where sociology does not discuss a ruling class, politics courses do not discuss the political influence of wealth, economics courses justify inequality using bad maths and worse psychology, and as this book clearly demonstrates, academic political and military history, particularly emerging from so-called elite universities, is largely propaganda written in the service of the same elites. With primary sources often `lost’, destroyed or hidden. These authors have filled some of the gaps and tied together hitherto diverse material to provide a persuasive account of motives, means and methods of an ongoing criminal conspiracy against the ordinary people of the world.
In the words of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns: “Facts are chiels that winna ding”. This book is replete with facts that ding the very foundation of the Establishment to its rotten core.”

Author and source
John O’Dowd – Amazon review.

Now read the book!!

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