Nazi NATO, Atrocities Committed in Eastern Ukraine, But No War Crimes Tribunals? Why?

I need to include this to illustrate just how out of the picture we are with the blaming of Russia in these atrocities in the hope that the west will wake up to the genocide perpetrated by the CIA installed junta in Kiev. $5bn injected into Ukraine to ensure that the West will have its way. The rape torture and killing of innocents is just collateral damage. No. NO Wait, that is a part of the push by the CIA/Kiev. That way it sends a lesson to us all in our comfortable homes. Has to be the baddies who do this. We could never assert ourselves this way. Our governments only do good. Didn’t you ever see the 60’s cartoon Spy Vs Spy? The ones dressed in black are the baddies. When is it all going to end?

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