EbolaGate: Jesuits Are Causing Ebola With Vaccines And Plan A “Pandemic” Coup In the US in November – Ebolagate

This has come though and is quite a read. On the surface it is confronting and could seen controversial your education has been courtesy of the main stream press. I have reposted this urgently without checking on is veracity because of the messages it brings and the need to help Jean get this out in many forums for education and action. Please, please; before you judge the content, clear your mind of what you think you know and consider chasing down links to the subjects provided here and wonder if you all collectively may have been provided false information that furthers the intention of those already in real power and money. The Jesuit nation in particular will possibly be a shock many: don’t shoot the messenger, do some real homework as if your life will depend on it! Australia can be up to ten years behind in some things and not so far on others of what America does, but one thing I am convinced of that we will fall in on parade with that once great nation and March lockstep towards a destdestiny that we as ordinary people well have no control. So read on, research and use your intelligence before you might wish to contribute. Look at the recent revelations of the CDC and the confession of the scientist who conducted the research in vaccines. Read also of the legislation in place specifically allowing this private company not being required to accept responsibility for vaccines that cause irreversible damage to our children. That’s just for starters…….

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