PressTV: Western threat hoax on Russia exposed, by Jim W. Dean

Before we kit our military for war against the Russian by backing up the US as a faithful ally, consider that we, as a nation have again been duped into thinking that Russia is the aggressor. What is clear after reading reports from non pet journalists of our clueless government from whom they obviously take their press releases from, or better still, travel to the trouble spots and ‘interview’ those with a bias for the intended thrust of a report which will help America’s real agenda of cementing their coup of Ukraine for political/economic reasons. Jim Dean is quite clear who the aggressor is and it isn’t Russia. We will commit purr nation to a devastating war, possibly nuclear, against Russia if we continue to listen to only the US side of the argument. If we are as independent aw think we are then at least acknowledge that there are two sides to the argument her for a start and so doing do some intelligent research. There is much more to the US push than we are being allowed to hear.

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