MH21 – Questions answered, more questions to be answered.

Looking at the situation we find ourselves in with world happenings that have the capacity to effect us I felt that I needed to try and help disseminate the other side of what we are being led to believe is fact.  The world, Australia is sick. Very sick. When we have citizens of our great country going overseas to enter conflicts and brutalising the citizens of those countries under the name of one cult or another  polarising us,  then it is time we woke up to ourselves and took an active interest before it is too late.

I hope to be able to steer those interested, and force feed those who are not yet interested in events which are deceptive by their offering. Correspondents write on some issues being politically correct whilst endeavoring, I’m sure, to inject some semblance of truth.  Other instances they have trotted out the dogma which reflects the diplomatic stance with our allies confirming what we have come to accept as history.

In the age of information there is no excuse to hide behind the curriculum and texts of our formal school learning. Much of the history we have come to feel comfortable with is not necessarily true.   I intend to cover some aspects of that as time goes on.

But first I want you to look at what we are not being told about the MH 17 horror.  In doing this, look at the links embedded review the article and make your own mind up. I would simply ask you to keep an open and feel very uncomfortable whilst reading and relying on the paradigms you have nurtured  which have shaped your life during your time.

I want you to keep in mind that the corporate press, and by that I mean most of the news periodicals have trotted out press  releases from interested parties that have a line to push: politically, diplomatically or commercially. With the article below, you decide.  It encompasses much of what is available and has not been printed or otherwise allowed us.

This article from 21st is extremely interesting and provides much more believable information.


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